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    More amazing drawings from the Bartlett Architecture School show, this time from MArch student Louis Sullivan. He proposes a ‘Living Dam’ which would provide homes for 10,000 inhabitants and: “Together with the integration of ecology, society and infrastructure…is a physical model of a modern ‘hydraulic civilisation’; a community and society sustained and dependant on its control, management and utilisation of water.”

    "Whilst providing a store for the national asset of water, the project simultaneously provides a series of tiers, terraces, weirs and platypuses which house a series of beneficial ecologies such as reedbed systems, watercress fields, ponds, lakes and elevated fruit gardens for the water to flurry and flow through, building upon the technology of the Living Machine which segregates wetland ecologies into useful components for accelerated water filtration. The ecologies maintained within the dam go beyond the bucolic, and provide purification and filtration of the water beyond EU drinking water directive 98/83/EC as well as nourishing foods for the occupants to maintain and harvest."

    “‘The Living Dam’ is towards a new typology of dam - away from the image of solitary hydrological infrastructures, and towards a model which is not only integral but also integrated with society, which may help alter the public perception of the essential infrastructures and reduce many of the negative consequences associated with dam management. 
    A ‘useful pyramid’ for the 21st century.”


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    Kaone Kario by Robert Grischek

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    Lionsgate released some haunting teaser posters for the upcoming, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1


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    Temporal Sitter: Sculpture by Kevin Francis Gray

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    this is my favorite thing

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    David Chipperfield - Museo Jumex, Mexico City 2014. Photos (C) Simon Menges. 


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    Peter Kunz - Terrace housing, Winterthur 2013 (previously, a similar project). Via, photos (C) Claudia Luperto




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    Berenplaat (David Haneke, 2001)

    water purification plant, Spijkenisse, Wim Quist, 1959-65. View this on the map



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    Roy DeCarava - Sun and Shade, 1952

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